Welcome to Toronto Cloth Diaper is proud to off our customers an extensive selection of high quality cloth diapers and cloth diaper products to keep your baby not only dry & comfy but stylish too during their first couple of years.  If you’re just in to saving a few dollars or maybe saving the planet, whatever your reason for switching to cloth is, you’re sure to find the right products here!

Featuring Bambino Mio's award winning cloth diapers, AppleCheeks’ widely popular cloth, Funky Fluff’s cool designs, Mother ease’s large variety and AMP’s popular line of all-in-one's. Contact us for custom gifts sets or starter packs if you aren’t sure where to start.

Our goal at TCD is your little one’s comfort, and promoting awareness about the environmental & financial benefits of cloth diapers.  We take pride in offering high quality products at competitive pricing along with personal customer support and fast service.

IMPORTANT:  All orders over $74 CAD will automatically receive free shipping in Canada!

All our diapers are earth friendly and cloth diapering is a great way to go green.  Using cloth is not just about being eco-friendly, it will also stop you from burning a hole in your pocket while going through 5 plus diaper changes a day!  If you have questions or concerns check out our guide to getting started here.

Canada is known for its natural beauty world wide so why not try to protect our home and native land while saving some of that hard earned cash at the same time.  All our products are 100% Eco-Friendly & when cared for properly will last the duration of your child’s diaper years.  Oh, don't forget you’ll be able to use them on their little siblings too.

Canadian Company with a Global Mindset - Toronto Cloth Diaper

Making cloth diapering enjoyable, simple, and rewarding for families around the world and in Canada is why Toronto Cloth Diaper was created.  We provide our customers with the highest level of service possible whether you’re here in the GTA or across the country in Vancouver!  Using cloth diapers on your child will have a positive impact not only on your wallet, but also on the environment, and that’s a message every parent can get behind. 

Toronto Cloth Diaper offers great pricing on high quality diaper products for all kinds of CD users.  If you use cloth exclusively, just for bed time, or just getting started our collection of high quality products is sure offer something for you. If you need help understanding the lingo involved with the cloth community check out our easy to understand Glossary here

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