Prep (before using):

You will need to ensure you have fully prepped your Bambino Mio diapers before use. They will also become more absorbent the more you wash them. Bambino Mio recommend at least one prewash at 40-60 degrees, using a non biological detergent. Make sure to never use fabric softener with your diapers, this can cause leak issues.

Wash Instructions:

You will need to remove any excess soiling before washing your Bambino Mio diapers. It is recommended to wash at 40°C. 

The amount of detergent that you use depends on the size of your load, if your washing machine is not full using less detergent might be an option. Always make sure to fold the velcro tabs in to avoid any snags in the machine and to extend the life of your velcro.  Beware that washing and drying regularly at high temperatures may result in premature deterioration of your Bambino Mio diapers.

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Bambino Mio recommend air drying. You may tumble dry on low/cold setting as well. Continuous tumble drying and direct heat could cause your diapers to deteriorate prematurely. Never iron your diapers. Remember: if you are using the miosolo all-in- one diaper to pull out the absorbent core from the diaper to help it dry faster.


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