Prep (before using):

Always wash you Bummis diapers using a small amount of zero residue laundry detergent before first use. This will help to ensure absorbency. If your Bummis diapers are made of natural fibres such as unbleached cotton, bamboo or hemp you will need to wash and dry them at least 3 times to remove all the natural oils and waxes.

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I have uploaded the Bummis fit guide, which shows all the different methods for how to use their diapers. Click here for guide.

As well as these video tutorials:

Bummis All-in-One

Bummis Simply Lite


Wash Instructions:

  1. For Bummis diapers run a warm "pre-wash" (or a short cycle with no detergent)
  2. Do a regular  hot water wash (60C/140F max). Never use "sanitize" on any hook and loop closure. Rinse diapers in lots of water to help avoid build-up of detergent, bacteria and urine.
  3. Once washed, your diapers should not smell like urine or detergent. If they do, chances are you have a residue problem. 

Click here for Bummis approved laundry detergent


Always check the care tag on your Bummis product to make sure you are using the right drying method for that product. Not all Bummis products should be tumble dried, and some can go in the dryer.


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