The world of Cloth Diapering can bring about some very interesting and often confusing lingo. I thought I would give you a start by putting together a glossary of some commonly used terms. If there is a term that is not listed here that you seem confused about feel free to shoot me an email and I will be more than happy to help.


AIO - Abbreviation for All In One

All In One - A one piece cloth diaper, it has all components sewn in; shell and absorbent padding

AI2 - Abbreviation for All In Two 

All In Two - This diaper generally has two parts, a shell and an absorbent pad. In most cases the pads can be changed throughout the day and the shell used for multiple diaper changes.

Aplix - Also known as Hook and Loop. This diaper has a velcro closure, very similar to a disposable diaper.

Booster - An extra layer of added absorbency to diapers, usually recommended for night time wear and heavy wetters

Boingo - A clip that keeps prefolds closed. They are not as long as snappis and you need two rather than one.

CBI - Charcoal Bamboo Insert

CD - Cloth Diaper

Cloth Wipes - Generally  an 8×8 square cut of fabric; terry, flannel, or fleece are commonly used to clean your baby’s bum

CO - Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil - A cloth diaper safe way to prevent and help with diaper rash

Contour Diaper -  Contour diapers are used without folding, just insert them in a diaper cover or place them in a wrap.

‘sposies - A common term in the cloth diaper world for Disposable Diapers

Diaper Cover - The outer shell that helps prevent leaks with cloth diapering

Diaper Pail - Holds dirty diapers, best to have lined with a Pail Liner.

Diaper Sprayer - A hose with a sprayer that attaches to your toilet to help clean off your diapers before the wash.

DG - Double Gussets.

Double Gussets- A second set of elastic slightly inside the leg elastic, they offer an extra layer of protection from leaks and blowouts

EC - Elimination communication

Elimination communication - A practice in which babies do not wear diapers and the parents watch for signals that baby is ready to pee or poop. 

Fitted Diaper - Also referred to as “Fitteds”, the fit and mimic a disposable diaper, but made with breathable materials. They are not waterproof and do need covers.

Flats - A large  square piece of material used as a diaper insert, like back in the day, except these days without the safety pins to keep them together!

Fluff/Fluffy - Cloth diapers are also referred to as “Fluff”

HE - High Efficiency Washing Machine

Hemp - A product of the hemp plant that is has become popular for use in modern cloth diapers and diaper inserts due to its absorbency and eco-friendly production. 

Hybrid - Same as the AI2, the inner absorbent pad can be changed, while the shell can be reused throughout the day

Insert - Usually rectangular in shape, referring to the absorbent pad that can be inserted into a “pocket diaper”, laid inside of a shell. They are usually made of cotton, bamboo, hemp, and charcoal

Liner - Liners are a thin protective layer that go on between the bum and the diaper can be used to help with diaper clean up, as well as protect your diapers from bum cream that could ruin the absorbency. They are usually flushable. Makes cleaning a soiled diaper much easier.

Non-HE - Non-High Efficiency (a traditional top-loading washing machine, or detergent)

OS - One Size Diaper, these are diapers that are generally good all the way up until potty training

Pail Liner - Pail Liners are made PUL and are water resistant, you wash them with every load of diaper laundry.

Prefold - Flats that have been “pre-folded” and sewn

Pocket Diaper - A pocket diaper has a "pocket" where you put an absorbent insert inside. 

PUL - PUL stands for polyurethane laminate – it’s a water-resistant material that is commonly used to make outer shells of many diapers. It is a colourfast material so the colour won't bleed in the wash and it is able to withstand high temperatures. 

Snappi - Another clip that closes prefolds. It grabs on both side and in the middle to hold the prefold close and tight to the your babe.

Soaker - Also called an insert.

Stripping - This is when you treat your diapers to eliminate build up. Build up can be caused by diaper creams with petroleum, hard water, fabric softner, or the wrong wash routine for your diapers.

Wet Bag - A portable bag made from PUL to store dirty diapers and wet clothing.

Wicking - Wicking keeps your baby’s bum dry. The process of wicking transfers the moisture from urine and sweat through one fabric and into another. The top of the fabric will be dry, while the bottom of it will be wet.